3 Common Problems Carson Plumbers Address for Homeowners

Have you ever thought about the day of an average residential plumber? What do these professionals do all day long? While there are many different types of plumbing service calls our team responds to, there are some situations that require our attention more than others. In this post, we discuss the 3 most common reasons people call for a plumber in Carson.

Clogged Toilets

Everyone fears a clogged toilet. When you consider that a clogged toilet isn’t going to harm you, it’s kind of a crazy fear. Yet, it’s understandable that people get freaked out about dirty toilet water that keeps rising and rising after flushing. No one wants that mess in their home. Let’s be honest. It’s not such a great time for your local plumber either. Even if it is their job to help you fix the problem, it sucks for everyone all the way around.

So, how can you prevent clogged toilets in your home? First, be really careful about what you put in the toilet. Nothing should be flushed that isn’t toilet paper, but we know that people like to try to fudge their way around this. Don’t be one of those people.

If you’ve been one of those people, call us for some preventive plumbing maintenance. Have a video camera inspection done on your pipes to see if there are obstructions waiting to cause backups. Also, schedule annual drain cleaning services such as hydro-jetting to keep your pipes clog-free.

Running Toilets

Most people find it very easy to ignore a running toilet. After all, how much damage is it really doing? Well, you might not have toilet water all over the flow, but you’re probably paying a lot more on your monthly water bill than you need to. Toilets that run constantly are leaky toilets. The water from the tank is leaking into the bowl and the toilet never has the change to turn itself off.

For handy homeowners, replacing the float-valve or installing a new flapper often fixes the problem. However, not everyone wants to mess with even minor toilet repairs. We don’t blame you. That’s why we happily respond to these minor service calls all the time.

Slow Flushing

This is probably the most infuriating problem that people face, especially if you’re using the toilet at another person’s home. You know how it goes; you flush the toilet and the water starts to drain very, very slowly. You stand over the toilet for what seems like an eternity waiting for everything in the toilet bowl to disappear. What happens if it doesn’t disappear completely?

In 80% of these cases, the issue is an obstructed flapper or one that has a loose chain. If you don’t want to ask the homeowner for help, consider opening the toilet tank and seeing if you can manually move the flapper so that water releases into the drain.

What about the other 20% of the time?

Well, in this case, you have two option: walk out of the bathroom and blame the unflushed toilet on someone else or tell the homeowner to call for drain cleaning services. It’s likely that there’s a deep clog that’s letting some water through, but not all. Actually, consider yourself lucky that the water made it through as much as it did. Dealing with slow drains is like a game of chance. Eventually, the water won’t go down at all.

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