3 Common Problems Carson Plumbers Address for Homeowners

Friday, March 20th, 2020

Have you ever thought about the day of an average residential plumber? What do these professionals do all day long? While there are many different types of plumbing service calls our team responds to, there are some situations that require our attention more than others. In this post, we discuss the 3 most common reasons people call for a plumber in Carson.

Clogged Toilets

Everyone fears a clogged toilet. When you consider that a clogged toilet isn’t going to harm you, it’s kind of a crazy fear. Yet, it’s understandable that people get freaked out about dirty toilet water that keeps rising and rising after flushing. No one wants that mess in their home. Let’s be honest. It’s not such a great time for your local plumber either. Even if it is their job to help you fix the problem, it sucks for everyone all the way around.

So, how can you prevent clogged toilets in your home? First, be really careful about what you put in the toilet. Nothing should be flushed that isn’t toilet paper, but we know that people like to try to fudge their way around this. Don’t be one of those people.

If you’ve been one of those people, call us for some preventive plumbing maintenance. Have a video camera inspection done on your pipes to see if there are obstructions waiting to cause backups. Also, schedule annual drain cleaning services such as hydro-jetting to keep your pipes clog-free.

Running Toilets

Most people find it very easy to ignore a running toilet. After all, how much damage is it really doing? Well, you might not have toilet water all over the flow, but you’re probably paying a lot more on your monthly water bill than you need to. Toilets that run constantly are leaky toilets. The water from the tank is leaking into the bowl and the toilet never has the change to turn itself off.

For handy homeowners, replacing the float-valve or installing a new flapper often fixes the problem. However, not everyone wants to mess with even minor toilet repairs. We don’t blame you. That’s why we happily respond to these minor service calls all the time.

Slow Flushing

This is probably the most infuriating problem that people face, especially if you’re using the toilet at another person’s home. You know how it goes; you flush the toilet and the water starts to drain very, very slowly. You stand over the toilet for what seems like an eternity waiting for everything in the toilet bowl to disappear. What happens if it doesn’t disappear completely?

In 80% of these cases, the issue is an obstructed flapper or one that has a loose chain. If you don’t want to ask the homeowner for help, consider opening the toilet tank and seeing if you can manually move the flapper so that water releases into the drain.

What about the other 20% of the time?

Well, in this case, you have two option: walk out of the bathroom and blame the unflushed toilet on someone else or tell the homeowner to call for drain cleaning services. It’s likely that there’s a deep clog that’s letting some water through, but not all. Actually, consider yourself lucky that the water made it through as much as it did. Dealing with slow drains is like a game of chance. Eventually, the water won’t go down at all.

Call for Drain Cleaning Service Today

When you need prompt drain cleaning service or other bathroom plumbing repairs, contact Carson Plumbing Champs. Let our team of pros help you out today!

Top Reasons to Consider Pipe Replacement

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

No one wants to spend money on pipe replacement if they don’t have to. Many people operate by the motto, “If it ain’t broke, why fix it?” Well, sometimes it’s better to take proactive action to prevent unexpected, disastrous plumbing problems. Not every homeowner needs to seriously think about repiping. However, if you can relate to one of the following situations, it’s a good idea to consider taking action now.

Your Home Was Built Before 1970

Many of these homes still have their original pipes. Chances are that these pipes have weak spots and are at risk of failure. You may have noticed that your water pressure is significantly weaker or your water quality is poor. While there are several reasons for these occurrences, outdated piping makes the most sense. Have your pipes checked by a licensed plumber to determine if you need repiping.

Your Home Has Lead Piping

Lead piping was used frequently back in the early 1900s. It was praised for its durability and thought to be able to last up to 100 years. That’s great, right? Not exactly. As we know now, lead is the worst material you can use for residential plumbing because it can leach into your drinking water. Lead in drinking water can lead to serious health problems. If any part of your home has lead piping in it, replace it immediately.

Frequent Clogs

Drains experience clogs every now and then. This is normal because we use our plumbing systems every single day. We also aren’t as conscientious and gentle as we should be. However, if you’ve been experiencing frequent clogs that aren’t responding to professional drain cleaning services, something else may be going on. Call a technician to check out your pipes. There could be a misalignment or even a hidden leak. In cases like this, you probably won’t need whole-house replumbing. It’s more likely that you’ll just need a section replaced.

Is Pipe Replacement Expensive?

One of the reasons that homeowners live with underperforming pipes is that they are concerned about the cost. What we urge our customers to consider is the cost of living with faulty piping. The longer bad piping is ignored, the more likely it is that a pipe will burst and you’ll have the added cost of water restoration services.

The exact cost of repiping a house can’t be estimated without having a certified plumber to the home. When we send a plumber out to your house, the quote you’ll receive will take into consideration the size of the house, the type of piping material to be used, and the amount of labor required to complete the job.

How Long Does Repiping Take?

It depends on the scope of the job. Homes that only need repiping done in a few areas of the house may only require a couple of hours. Whole-house repiping will take longer. These jobs can last a couple of days or a few weeks. The exact time needed depends on too many factors to give a precise timeline without an onsite evaluation.

Carson Plumbing Champs is the local expert on all things plumbing related. If you in live in Carson, CA, and are concerned about the state of your home’s piping, give us a call. We’ll send a licensed, bonded, and insured plumber to your home to provide you with a free quote for service.

Why It’s Important to Know Who to Call Before a Plumbing Emergency

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Every homeowner needs a team of technicians they can call on when systems in their home’s go bad. This includes your home’s residential plumbing. When you think of how much water enters your home, it makes sense that sometimes you’ll need a plumber.

Water isn’t only used for bathing and toilets. It’s also used for cooking, cleaning, drinking, ice making, and laundry. Having access to clean, functional plumbing is important.

Most of the time, residential plumbing works without any problems. In fact, it works so good that we often take it for granted. So, when emergencies happen, you might not know who to call.

When you’re knee deep in water, you don’t have time to figure out who to call. You need to have this information handy and ready to go. For this reason, it’s important to know pick a great plumber before you need one, so you know who to call for 24/7 plumbing service in Carson.

How to Find a Plumber

Start by asking your friends and neighbors for their recommendations and do a quick Google search for “plumbers near me in Carson, CA.”

Choose a company that meets the following criteria:
• Locally owned and operated
• Reliable and available
• Certified, licensed, and insured

You want to develop a long-term relationship with a company. Therefore, make sure they offer a full range of services, including emergency services.

Benefits of a Great Emergency Plumber

The best emergency services offer 24/7 service at no additional cost. They should offer repair, replacement, and plumbing installation services, and have the knowledge to help you maintain all aspects of your plumbing.

Read the testimonials from the company’s website, but don’t forget to check independent sites like Home Advisor and the Better Business Bureau for an unbiased viewpoint of the company.

It’s best to schedule an appointment with a local plumber before a plumbing emergency arises. Hire the plumber to check your system for signs of problems and get a feel of their customer service skills. You want to work with a plumber who feel comfortable doing business with at all time.

Plumbers to Call in Carson, CA

When you need emergency plumbing services in Carson, CA, call Carson Plumbing Champs. We are your local plumbing company that cares about your satisfaction!

Our team is up-to-date with the latest industry trends and also offer regular maintenance programs for drain cleaning and sewer services. To learn more about our residential plumbing services, give us a call!

Plumber Tips for Preventing a Clogged Kitchen Sink

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Best local plumbers for to fix a clogged kitchen sink in Carson, CA.Don’t let a clogged kitchen sink make it take longer than necessary to clean up after a meal. Homeowners may feel like they are at the mercy of their residential plumbing, but that’s simply not the case. Most clogs can be prevented with a little knowledge and extra-special care. Here are a few tips from your local Carson plumber to keep your drains clog-free.

Be Careful about What Is Around the Sink

Is your kitchen counter cluttered? Do you tend to leave scraps and packaging material laying around while you cook? You’re certainly not alone. People do this every day because it’s convenient. The problem with not picking up after yourself as you cook or leaving counters cluttered with items is that sometimes objects fall into the sink without us knowing. This can easily create a problem that leads to a backed-up kitchen sink.

Stop Pouring Cooking Oil Down the Drain

It’s easy enough to forget this simple tip. After all, cooking oil and grease are liquid substances, right? They should be able to be rinsed down the sink with no problem. The problem is that these substances are only liquefied in a heated state. As the substance cools, its composition changes and it hardens. Grease and cooking oil, even in the liquefied state, tend to stick to the sides of water pipes. So, as they harden, they narrow the pathway for water to flow. Over time, the pathway will become smaller and smaller until a full-fledged blockage forms.

At Carson Plumbing Champs, we recommend keeping a glass jar nearby to pour cooking oil, grease, and cooking drippings into. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and money.

Call Your Carson Drain Cleaning Plumber Today!

Don’t wait around for that clogged kitchen sink to clear itself. Call your licensed drain cleaning plumber in Carson today. We offer free estimates, affordable drain cleaning packages, and 24/7 service. Pick up the phone at your earliest convenience and take back your home’s plumbing.

3 Facts about Pipe Inspection Cameras

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

pipe-inspection-camera-carson-caAnyone who owns a house long enough will have to deal with plumbing problems that are the cause of poor drainage. Addressing these types of household plumbing issues in a timely manner will save you a great deal of time, money, and frustration. At Carson Plumbing Champs, we know there are many different ways to approach a clogged drain and pipe inspection cameras are our go-to tools of the trade to make this process quicker, easier, and more effective.

Drain Inspection Cameras Make Plumbers Jobs Easier

There are numerous benefits that come from using this technology including giving plumbers the ability to see clogs that are otherwise hidden and come up with a plan to fix the issue without delay. Before pipe inspection cameras, plumbers had to rely  on elimination and guesswork, which made the process of clearing a clogged line tedious and not always accurate.

High-tech Equipment like Cameras Are More Accurate

Although many people think plumbers only use cameras to find obstructions in the line, this technology can also allow the technician to find cracks. A cracked water line can lead to expensive water pipe repair if not caught in its early stages. This is just another reason why homeowners benefit from regular pipe inspections using the latest technology.

Pipe Inspection Cameras May Recover Lost Items

At least once a week, we get a call from a panicked customer who has lost a valuable item down the drain. Not all items are recoverable, but if you didn’t flush the toilet or run water down the sink, with the use of a camera it may be possible to find the missing item without taking apart every inch of plumbing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of pipe inspection cameras, give your local, licensed plumber in Carson, CA, a call today. We’ll be happy to discuss all your plumbing repair and maintenance options.

Regular Drain Cleaning Prevents Plumbing Problems

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Drain cleaning by local Carson plumbers available in your area today.Did you know that regular maintenance off the plumbing system in your home can keep your system flowing smoothly for many years? One way to consistently maintain your system is to regularly clean your drains. This is a simple task that many homeowners fail to perform. While there are some ways that homeowners can keep their drains free of materials that forms clogs, the best way to keep you drains open and flowing freely is to consult with the professionals. Plumbers can help you with professional drain cleaning in Carson.


Your drains take a lot of abuse. Makeup, grease, food, and toothpaste can leave small deposits in the pipes, accumulating over time. When this happens your drains can become obstructed. When this happens you may run out to purchase store-bought solutions from your area hardware store. Unfortunately, many of these store-bought chemicals can do more harm than good. Instead of getting rid of the clog, they can actually begin to erode you pipes. Plumbers use safe chemicals to clean out the pipes, while checking for structural problems with your system that may be contributing to the obstruction.

Adventurous homeowners may attempt to take the drain pipes apart to get to the clog as an alternative to using harsh chemicals. While this may work, if homeowners don’t put the drain back together properly it could lead to additional problems such as leaky pipes.


The best way to fix a clog is to avoid them in the first place. A good maintenance program for the plumbing system can help with you achieve this goal, while saving you money on future service calls for problems that could have been prevented.

A plumber will inspect the drain lines looking for signs of leaks. They will use a safe cleaner to loosen up any gunk deposits that have started to form so they can easily wash down the drain. Enzyme or bacteria-based cleaners work well because they feed on the organic material in the drains without corroding the metal or PVC.

Take Action

There are many ways that a homeowner can keep their drains flowing freely. Hot water is one of the best and easiest solutions for grease and dirt in the drains. Hot water loosens this waste that cools and attaches to the pipes. A mixture of baking soda and vinegar can kill the odors in the drains and a handful of ice cubes inserted into the garbage disposal every week can keep the blades sharp, making the smaller particles easier to flush down the drain.

Just like going to the doctor for a yearly check, your home’s plumbing system needs to be checked on a regular basis. When homeowners call Carson Plumbing Champs for professional drain cleaning, this saves time and money. Call us today to schedule drain cleaning service and a video camera inspection of your plumbing system.