Superior Toilet Repair and Replacement in Carson, CA

When your toilet stops working, you need champion plumbing repairs that address and correct the problem the first time around. At Carson Plumbing Champs, we know how bothersome a clogged toilet can be. We know how maddening and on edge a running toilet can make you feel. We also know that you don’t want to pay a lot for professional toilet repair and replacement in Carson, CA. This is why we offer upfront pricing, affordable rates, and offer special discounts to make getting the repairs you need as stress-free as possible.

Toilet Repair

Are you having trouble fixing that clogged toilet yourself? A plunger is a great tool to have on hand, but sometimes it just isn’t enough to tackle a tough clog that has moved past the trap and farther into the drainpipe. Our local plumbers have special tools to peer deep inside your drainpipes and sewer line to find exactly what is causing the toilet or toilets in your house not to work properly. Using video plumbing technology, we save you time and money.

When clogs move past the trap and into the drainage system, sometimes it takes a specialized drain cleaning technique known as water-jetting or hydro-jetting to permanently get rid of the blockage. If your toilet has been unresponsive to plunging, drain cleaning may be the better option.

Although our plumbers are pros at eliminating tough clogs, this isn’t the only kind of toilet repair in Carson, CA, they perform. Our plumbers can also help you with leaky seal replacement, flush-valve assembly replacement, flapper replacement, and any other problem you can imagine.

All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We’re available around-the-clock and can have a local plumber at your front door in as little as an hour.

Toilet Replacement and Installation

When you’re ready to replace the toilets in your home, call your local, friendly plumbing service for exceptional installation and expert replacement advice. Toilets that were made prior to 1994 are not nearly as water-efficient as today’s models. In fact, today’s toilets make commodes manufactured last century look nearly prehistoric in terms of special features.

For example, did you know that new, low-flow toilets use half the amount of water to flush than their older counterparts? The average gallons used per flush (gpf) is 3.5 gpf for older models. New toilets have the same about of power but use only 1.6 gpf. This equates to major savings on our customer’s monthly water bills. If you choose a toilet that has the dual-flush feature, you could save even more money. This feature uses the appropriate amount of water for flushing liquid waste in comparison to solid waste.

Whether you’re looking for a new toilet to save money on your water bill, you need a new commode that meet ADA standards, or you need to replace your toilet for other reasons, give us a call and let one of our expert plumbing staff assist you today!